It takes a lot of time, mastery and effort to create a croissant. We always find it more convenient, when it is not, to get croissant from bakeries and franchises in the city. That is why we rarely see a mother baking at home, and we prefer to buy them from bakeries.
And the thing is, it is always perceived as a morning meal.
What if we told you that today, you can do it faster, anytime you want & within high standards?

Director: Yahya Ismael, General Manager: Samir Antoun, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Production Director: Hassan Mahfouz, Communication Manager: Mounes Shibly, Assistant Director: Hassan Neamah, Post Producer: Omar Abdelrazek, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Junior Copywriter: Daniah Bamaarouf, TV Producer: Youssef Mohamed, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein.
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