Schneider approached us with a potential brief. They want to promote automated sustainable solutions through unconventional media. They want to convey the message that clearly states the difficulty and challenges that people face when not using sustainable electric sources. And so we went with the idea of using a truck as an activation. Below is the concept...

People will come across a truck. 2 friends will be asked to challenge each other in "Bring it On" contest.
 The core of the game is inspired from the Dancing Arcade Machine.
All they have to do is to step on the same icon shown on screen.
The icons represent 4 electric needs that use energy (Water, Lighting, Air-Conditioning & Heating).

The goal is to step on the right icon in order to lessen the energy consumption shown on the screen. With time, the game will be faster, both contestants will start jumping and rotating as if they were dancing. The challenge becomes harder and harder and they start stepping on the wrong buttons. Thus, the first contestant who does more mistakes will not save energy & will be disqualified.

At the end, a promoter will come next to the contestants explaining to them that all this hard challenge is to show how difficult their lives are without Automation, without Schneider solutions.

With Schneider, you do not need to control nor to move around the house trying to lessen power or energy consumption. That's because Schneider provides automated solutions that provide an Eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. All you have to do is to relax! With Schneider "Life is On" even with energy saving!

Senior Account Director: Karim Tannir, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar

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