Riyad Bank is one of the pioneer banks in Riyadh and across the Kingdom.
They are actually the first bank to introduce the virtual card in the recent years. We were delegated to create a visual that will target mainly women and young ladies. Millennials look for change, trends, lifestyle, trends and colorful elements. That is why we went on an unusual unconventional matter of treating this specific interesting yet tricky brief.

Instead of going with the flow like the market with any credit card being placed in a hand or showing benefits. Why not illustrating and showing the experience in a more artistic matter? Saudi Kingdom has set its "Vision 2030" that aims to boost the change within the lifestyle and daily lives of Saudis. This pushed us to go further. That is why we decided to create a visual consisting of a visual card embraced by different elements (Camera, Ipod, Gifts, Guitar, Ornaments, Young Lady interests, etc...). This shows that Riyad Bank is introducing its new product along with the new vision.
Executive Creative Director: Walid Kotb, Account Director: Rayan Hammoud, Art Director: Michel Azar, Copywriter: Mohammad Amerah, Senior Account Executive : Issam Kiblawi
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