Governmental products and categories in the Kingdom are merging into the "Vision2030".
Thus, they need to revamp their communication style and tone across their channels. Yet again, fast media is the trend nowadays, specially when our target audience is none other than the new generation of Saudis, the millenials, the leaders of tomorrow, of Saudi Arabia.

In order to make that happen, we created a Digital & Social Media campaign launching a new development program characterized by a young and modern identity. You want to target the youth, you have to talk their language, their style, their tone of voice. Our communication is divided into different phases as the following: Introduction of program, registration, workshop classes and finally working on-set.
The below visuals & animations plus the tone of voice explain the communication strategy.

Client: PFI, Senior Account Director: Karim Tannir, Account Executive: Ibrahim Al Khayyal,
Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Animator: Joseph Cruz, Senior Graphic Designer: Sami Al Jaber,
Copywriter: Danya Al Dakheel
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