Ramadan is just a lovely holy month, yet as we move on, we realize that we're still celebrating this occasion similarly to previous years. Patchi has decided to break the existing monotony. The brand will redefine ways of spending Ramadan & focus on how to bring an exceptional unconventional experience this year.
Spending moments in a fresher, exceptional matter will define you as a person among others. It is how you decide to spend this holy month that makes you stand out among others. And so spend a special Ramadan with Patchi.
Production: Imbro, Director: Dario Imbrogno, DOP: Antonio Manago, Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, TV Producer: Jessica Younes, Communication Director: Makram Khatib, Production Director: Emilio Sapia, Junior Art Director: Omar Mougharbel, Communication Manager: Randa Al Sebahi, Digital Communication Manager: Dina Najim.
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