Patchi is all about moments and feelings. If there is one thing Patchi is good at, it's making sweet moments out of chocolate. You see chocolate is the fuel behind all these sweet memories.
Mother's Day is one of those special days where everyone wants to show their mother how thankful and how much they love her. Furthermore, we needed to relate Patchi to that special day. Thus, we created a story, that everyone relates to, it's heart made, just like Patchi. The story centers on the aspirations, feelings and dreams that any mother wanted, but couldn't achieve and so she does her best to make her children live them and achieve them. And that's where we thank her for showing us what true love is! Her story and journey is purely Heart made!
Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Communication Director: Makram Khatib, Illustrator: Sirine Matta, Digital Director: Michael Chedid, Copywriter: Danah Garii,
Multimedia Designers:
Peter Aoun & Rade Zorkot, Social Media Manager: Randa AlSebahi,
Content Director:
Roa Abouzeid, Social Media Community Manager: Ghadeer Jaha

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