In life, we always have this person who we can rely on whenever their help is needed. Because of their usual support, care, we always look at them as people who got our back. 
Now, when it comes having a great burger or meal, same thing applies, we always seek to fulfil our craving but at the same time we look to save. So who will be able to fulfill both needs. Who is this friend, companion, mate that will fulfill both craving and the desire to save?
Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, McDonald’s with its big McSaver platform & LTO always has your back. Whenever you crave a tasty burger, meal, McD will always be ready with a tasty variety at a great price.

Production: Made In Saudi, Director: Pedros Temizian, 
Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Associate Creative Director: Michel Azar, Sr Copywriter: Roa AbouKwaik, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Sr Graphic Designer: Maya Homsy, Junior Copywriter: Amina Al Mokhtar,   Communication Supervisor: Mounes Shibly, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein,  Production Director: Diana El Moghraby, Sr Post Producer: Anthony Chamoun 

Bye Bye Friendship!
We all have these best friends who always seek to prank, joke and have some fun!
Sometimes, you end up being the pranked person in all this mess. And that prank might even target your own wallet. 
Is there a way all this prank can go smooth?
The Prize is Gone!
Once you're on the dean's list, and get an A+, everybody knows. Thus everyone expect from you to invite them for dinner. 
Well, when you are happy about your grades, you can't fake it or hide it, you just can't hold it back and so you say it loudly!
Knowing that lots of friends might be waiting for that invitation, is there a way you will be able to afford all that?
End of Month Luck!
We all know how youngsters always think, everything is under control. It's only when you are in a predicament that you realize, "Oh My God, I'm trouble!"
One of the most common things, is that you're about to pay and you realize you don't have enough, so you start searching for those lost unorganized coins in your car in an attempt to save yourself!
But will you always rely on luck my friend?
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