Nowadays, every franchise, be it regional, international or local is adding to its menu a wrap section, with different flavors. This competition is so high that every brand today is crediting itself as a wrap specialist.But you know what? We are the kings of wrap, we as MCD were the first brand to ever create a product called wrap. We used this parallelism in life, not everyone who does design is a great designer, not every doctor is a good doctor, that's why we say, not everyone who rolls, knows how to wrap.
Production: Purple Brain, Director: Basheer Lagoussis, DOP: Abdullah Al Attas, Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Producer: Rawaa Fouladkar, Junior Copywriter: Daniah Bamaarouf, Communication Manager: Mounes Shibly, Production Director: Otbah Rayess, Typographer: Ahmed Farag, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein
The campaign started with a job posting. We opened a vacancy "Roller" aka someone who knows how to wrap. The job posting was hanged in all MCD restaurants and people started to submit their resumes through WhatsApp business accounts or through calls.
In parallel, we also posted on our SM channels, stories and posts that made the mass engage, interact, joke wondering about the job and what exactly is it for. We also had this job posted on LinkedIn with headhunters searching for the right person to fill in this vacancy.
3 days after the job posting, and after receiving all CVs, we launched our campaign, showing different characters, that you wouldn't expect to see in one place, all waiting for their turn, to get interviewed.
Everyone seems to be confident with how they roll, however it's at the end that we reveal, not everyone who rolls, knows how to roll a wrap.
Nobody wraps like we do!
Following our Film, we also published 3 different visuals that depict each Mcwrap with a customized color that fits its flavor. (not final version)
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