Summer is a hot season, it’s the season of sweats, anger from heat & hot temperatures! This year Saudi Arabia is expected to experience an unprecedented summer heat wave. We know for a fact that people will search for ways to cool off.
But how are they going to do that this year? Based on this McD will bring feel good moments this summer with a new limited time Ice cream Sundae, filled with Pop Rocks, in 2 different flavors that will cool you in a totally different way, in a cooler manner!
Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Senior Copywriter: Roa AbouKwaik, Communication Manager: Mounes Shibly, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein, Music Production House: Real Talk Music, Music Producer: Marwan Al Sayed, Rap Artist: DJ Mubarak, SM/Animation Design: Bruce Clay, SM Account Manager: Qusai Saadeldin, SM Account Executive: Engy Kamel, Animator: Mohamad Salah.
In Saudi Arabia, it is commonly known that the word "talle3 7arrak" means expressing your anger.
And since we are expecting to witness the highest temperatures this summer, we played on the phrase insinuating that we want to beat the heat.
We posted a simple visual and let our followers wonder about how they are going to express themselves, and how they are going to get rid of the heat.
3 days after creating the conversation on SM, we posted this song that plays on how are you going to beat the heat in a different.
With the limited time Sundae Pops, you are going to beat the heat in a cooler way through the Lemon and Raspberry Pop rocks.
This year, you will beat the heat with a festival inside your mouth.
Following our film, we published one visual that describes the cooling tool of this summer!
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