FCB worldwide is known for winning awards in different occasions such as Cannes Lions.
We decided to take the lead from Riyadh in submitting ideas that are unconventional for the MENA Region.

LG, our regional client was our target. Specifically their new Vacuum cleaner. The problem with LG is that they wait till the Sales season to create conventional ads through OOH and through samples and testing in big appliances stores such as "Extra", "X-Cite", "Black Box" and many more. And it didn't seem like they were doing good in sales!

I had an idea of creating an Ad that does not show an Ad. Weird and awkward no?
I wanted to show the effectiveness and strength of the new Vacuum using conventional media but in an unusual way. Why not showing a big giant Vacuum cleaner head (similar to the unipole base shape) consuming a big Die-cut paper extruded from the Unipole! The structure is based on special operation.

The Vacuum cleaner is so powerful to a level where the ad is vacuumed. "There was an Ad".
Creative Director: Nayef Mujaes, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar
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