LG had new products to be launched across the Kingdom. This includes Microwave, Fridge & Oven. We did not want to advertise these 3 main products through a conventional way. 

That is why we decided to tackle this brief through the millenials platforms Youtube and social media platforms. We were inspired from examples such as "tasty". Mothers and young ladies in general look for fast ways for learning, through fast media. We didn't want to present those home appliances in a house. We wanted the chef to experience cooking in a LG environment. That is why we called our spots "Cooking with Chef Khouloud". Chef Khouloud was shown in 3 bumpers were she prepared Salads using the Fridge, Umm Ali through Oven and Siyadiya via the Oven.
Senior Creative Director: Nayef Mujaes, Senior Account Director: Karim Tannir, Account Manager: Mohammad Chahrour, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Chef: Khouloud Suhail, Production company: Donya Productions
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