In this project, we were asked by Kudu to create their first ever corporate tvc. The Creative team led by it's Creative Director made several brainstorms.
Our idea was to show the freshness and how splendid it is to have your sandwich prepared in front of your eyes. 2 friends order at the same time, and this ignites a challenge. This challenge is peppered by the show. When the 2 hero products are done, both guys sit and at the end decide to share.

Upon approval on a specific direction, we asked our storyboard artist to finish the whole storyboard. Upon completion and final green light, both the Senior Creative Director & I started to search and meet several world-known directors and DOP famous for table-top tvcs. This process was also aided by the Production team in Beirut which provided all the needs. The Shoot & Post Production were done in Beirut, with VIP Films.
Production House: VIP Films, Director: Adam Zurawiecki, Creative Director: Nayef Mujaes, Senior Account Director: Karim Tannir, Account Manager: Bilal Moghrabi, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Graphic Designer: Sami Al Jaber, Illustrator: Ricardo Juntarciego, Copywriter: Nihad Noor

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