Advertising might be stressful and full of jobs, however there is still some time to create concepts and ideas that are creative enough not be categorized as daily work.

Every once in a while, we have to submit ideas to FCB Creative Global Council in order to obtain an idea that can hit Cannes & therefore win an award (Gold, Bronze, Silver) in specific categories. We decided to choose an automotive company & we targeted Jeep.

The idea that I came up with was to show how effective and strong Jeep is. It's not an ad, nor a radio spot, nor a Out of Home visual. It's simply an Outdoor idea. The logo of Jeep will be used as a Zebra (Pedestrian) lane to be painted on road tarmacs or in malls. The idea shows that Jeep takes you from one destination to another no matter what the terrain is. The zebra lines (Initial Jeep Logo) will be printed on a background that uses the 3D Optical illusion. It's an experience by itself!

The Concept was shown and presented to the FCB Creative Council in Portugal were they liked it alot and told us to start executing in order to build the case for Cannes. "Go for it!" That's what they said as the potential is there. The concept will hit those categories (Outdoor, Brand Experience & Activation)
Creative Director: Nayef Mujaes, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Graphic Designer: Sami Al Jaber, Art Director: Ricardo Juntarciego, Junior Art Director: Lawrence Lee,
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