With the rise of social media, globalization has hit its highest peaks. Nations are losing their identities, becoming melting pot societies instead of mosaics, blending into the trend. Unfortunately, some societies have lost their essence along the way just to go with the flow.
This Saudi National day, we wanted to say a statement, we are who are. We are conservatives. And so we played on the word "Mohafiz" which in Arabic has a meaning: A conservative & someone who preserves.
Bearing in mind that the word "conservative" in KSA is commonly misinterpreted as "extremist", Ithra, being a cultural epicenter, wanted to champion all the makers and thinkers in the Saudi society who preserve their heritage while being at the same time modern by calling them conservatives.

Production: Filmworks, Film Producer: Georges Rouhana, Servicing Production House: Two Tales, Directors: Joao Marqez & Nuno Alberto, Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, DOP: Amr Al Ammari & Victor Errando, Assistant Director: Deema Najem, Composer: Harry Hedeshian,  Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Jr Copywriter: Daniah Bamaarouf, Post Producer: Anthony Nemer,
Social Media Manager: Dina Najem, Production Designer: Deimes Kabalan, Servicing Producers: Farah Assaf & Sami Joe
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