Everyone gets excited when Ramadan is at the doors. It is the best season & time of year in Saudi Arabia. However, no one is actually ready for it! It is a weird pattern and behavior that happens to be consistent in each household. Suddenly everyone remembers that they should get new set of plates because they want to impress their guests over Iftar, a bigger table for new family members, better couch to impress your mother in law during Iftar, God knows. Whatever it is we want to change or upgrade, it all falls under one thing, getting ready for Futoor time, getting ready for gatherings.
And so we elaborated on the existing behavioral pattern by linking Ikea to it. Ikea becomes the solution for all those worries before Iftar time. You don't need to worry about a bigger table, Ikea is there to help you. You don't need to worry about the number of plates, Ikea will not only provide you with more dishes, but with a new set to make the gathering more exciting. And so, Get ready for gatherings.
Production: Talking Pictures/ Bahrain, Director: Agus Verrastro, Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly, Senior Art Directors: Michel Azar & Haitham Darwish, Communication Director: Makram Khatib, Communication Executive: Imad Jurdi
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