Everyone waits for the best time of the year in Saudi Arabia, Ramadan Holy month. Whether it's the gatherings, iftar, family, friends, TV series or lanterns, it's about spending time with a bigger group of people.
However, there is a certain challenge other than fasting, and that's being ready for gatherings, for guests, for dinners and to host sudden Iftar gatherings. All these sudden Iftar preparations are a hassle. And so, we elaborated on that matter by turning that challenge into an exciting experience where all family members experience Ramadan through that hassle. Every character has his/her role, each helps and collaborates even though lots of mishaps occur during that hassle.
Ikea is there to make this family and us experience those funny unfortunate events through its wide selection of products that solve and make that hassle just a matter of time until you get the final outcome and that's being ready for gatherings and hosting the best Ramadan Iftars!
Production: Talking Pictures/ Bahrain, Director: Agus Verrastro, Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly,
Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, TV Producer: Jessica Younes, Communication Director: Makram Khatib, Communication Executive: Imad Jurdi

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