If you love something, a car, a house, a trip, it doesn’t mean that this is the ultimate thing in terms of greatness. Same thing applies to a burger, if you love it, it doesn’t mean it can’t get better.
We at McDonald’s know, listen to our family of Big Mac lovers, Double cheeseburger & Quarter Pounder addicts, that’s why we made sure to adjust, add a twist, enhance the experience they love to make it better.
And because we believe that nobody wraps like we do, we came up with an integrated campaign that started with an intriguing teaser, started a SM debate and engagement, and then we revealed our new wrap flavors.

Production: Made In Saudi, Director: Anthony Chamoun, Managing Director: Samir Antoun,
Associate Creative Director: Michel Azar, Sr Copywriter: Roa AbouKwaik, Producer: Diana Moghrabi, Senior Graphic Designer: Maya Homsy, Jr Copywriter: Amina El Mokhtar, Executive Producer: Edgard Jinbachian, Communication Supervisor: Mounes Shibly, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein
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