It is no secret, that many people have a passion for food. They spend their time checking new recipes on SM, or watch episodes on stream tv, or visiting a hidden gem abroad to taste the food. Over time, these people experiment, explore, and go wild to uncover more, and that’s why they become artists.
Therefore, they amaze their family. However, what they don’t know is that their creations are part of a bigger universe; they are changing the food culture.
And so, to make them own a seat on that global food culture map, we will empower them with solutions as that will make their creations echo in the food world!
Production House: Zoé Productions, Film Producers: Valerie Lahoud & Jad Moussa, Director: Guy Goosens, DOP: Thomas Buelens, Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Communication Director: Makram Khatib, Junior Copywriter: Daniah Bamaarouf, Food Artist: Drina Cabral, Communication Executive: Imad Jurdi, Photography Producer: Sylvia Trinidad, Production Manager: Gabriel Noronha, Music Composer: Walid Sarrouh, Post Content Production Lead: Issam Saadane
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