​​​​​​​How many times have you been fooled by looks and misled by appearances?  Just because you have eyes, doesn’t mean you can see! Not everything that glitters is gold!
We at Toyota want to shed light that appearances can really be deceiving! Don’t judge a book by its cover! If you are really looking to get good performance, make sure to buy Toyota Genuine spare parts for your car, and also make sure they are from official trusted sources!

Production House: Into Reflection, Director: Ahmed El Keiy, Associate Creative Director: Michel Azar, Sr Copywriter: Roa AbouKwaik, Sr Graphic Designer: Maya Homsy, Junior Copywriter: Amina Al Mokhtar, Communication Supervisor: Mounes Shibly, Communication Executive: Mohammed Ghussein, Head of Production: Joyce Melhem, Producer: Nathalie Abi Nader, Sr Post Producer: Omar Al Halabi.
Episode 1 / Spark Plugs
The One where he
 was camping.

Episode 2 / Wiper Blades
The One where he was a DJ.

Episode 3 / Oil Filter
The One where they were playing music.

Episode 4 / Engine Belt
The One where they were exercising.
Episode 5 / Brake Pads
The One where they were at the movies.
Episode 6 / Shock Absorbers
The One where they were having fun at the Amusement Park.
Episode 7 / Air Filter
The One where he was having some fresh air!
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