Teens today are exposed to all kinds of trends, tastes, and things around. At this age, they explore to find what suits them! The same applies to chicken strips! For them, QSRs deliver the best crunchiness and taste. Is there a way they can have the same experience inside their homes?
Sunbulah will provide them with the ultimate crunchiness that they are searching for.
Production House: Big Foot, Director: Ahmed El Keiy, Associate Creative Director: Michel Azar,
Managing Director: Samir Antoun, Producer: Farah Serry, Assistant Producer: Layla El Agaizi,  Communication Manager: Mounes Shibly, Post Producer: Ahmed El Shorafa,
Sr.Graphic Designer: Maya AlHomsi, Jr Copywriter: Amina Mokhtar, Comm. Executive: Mohammed Ghussein
We decided to play on insightful behavior teens do in Saudia Arabia, boasting!
Kids boast and show off around anything in front of their friends! However when it comes to the quality and crispiness of the chicken strips at home, leave this to us, it is our territory.

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