In this project, we were asked by Changan to creatively embrace women's driving permit in KSA.
Our idea went on 2 phases. Since millennials will be more excited to drive and fulfill their dreams, we wanted to target them through social media. But it's not just about showing Women behind steering wheels or driving or sitting in the driver's seat. We thought about fighting the stereotypes and prejudgments that men and men -governed societies build on "Women Driving". Our first phase had the title of "Who Said" which presented ladies in many cases. The second phase had the title of "Are you kidding me?" which proved that women can fix oil in cars, they can park cars.  Embracing the women's permit doesn't mean accepting it. It's also about removing all ideas and stereotypes that are there to put her down.

Senior Creative Director: Nayef Mujaes, Account Manager: Mohammad Chahrour, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Animator: Joseph Cruz, Illustrator: Ricardo Juntarciego, Copywriter: Danya Al Dakheel
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