Cayan is one of the leading Real Estate companies in the GCC Region. Their next big project will be constructed in the region of "Old Dariyah City" specifically around Wadi Hanifa. This area symbolizes the accumulated heritage, from its old Saudi Architectural houses, Royal Highness King and princes palaces along with the natural aspect of this place. It's one of the most visited places in Riyadh during weekends as it's considered a relaxing escape from the metropolitan city of Riyadh.

The name of the project is "Samaya". After long days of brainstorming, doodling & thinking we came up with the winner concept. Samaya in arabic means sky. Since the land project is placed on the outskirts of the valley "Wadi Hanifa", the climate there will be different, windy, cool, full of breezes. That is why the land by itself will be placed above and among the clouds, floating. This symbolizes the uniqueness, calmness & recalls the distinction and highness of this project above all others. The copy aids the visual by emphasizing on the aspect that the your life will experience the sense of highness and distinction when owning a plot at Samaya.
Executive Creative Director: Walid Kotb, Account Manager: Elie Rassi, Art Director: Michel Azar, Copywriter: Mohammad Amerah, Graphic Designer: Ayman Al Satel
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