Afia Corn Oil wanted to Sponsor Top Chef in 2018. And with the market competition growing bigger every year, we had to find a way in which the brand will stand out in the segment and category plate.

How does Afia make us feel when we cook? That was the real question to answer. Top Chef is all about battles and duels where they compete to win the final prize. But what really gives them a step ahead is their attitude, their secret. Afia is that secret, therefore the link between Top Chef and home cooks is that every cook can become a Top Chef.
​​​​​​​Creative Director: Mohamed Sehly, Group Communication Director: Samir Antoun, Senior Art Director: Michel Azar, Communication Manager: Mounes Shibly, Art Director: Ahmed Samir, Junior Art Director: Omar Mougharbel, Copywriter: Danah Garii
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