Cayan Group Corporate Campaign
Real Estate Yearly Campaign | Riyadh, KSA

Every year, Cayan Group, a pioneer Real Estate company, introduces a Campaign that is profoundly corporate far from the product-oriented and promotional Campaigns in the market.

After further research and market study, we decided to go with the concept of merging both human elements with our signature buildings.
We've based our execution on the Photo-montage & Double exposure techniques. We communicated the aspirations, visions through the looks of the human elements, the scenery & the Gray scale tone.

These buildings are not buildings anymore, they are more than landmarks, they become wonders.
This aspirational & emotional concept serves our purpose of showing Cayan Group as a leader Real Estate company in an industry that truly follows the Saudi Arabian 2030 Vision.

Below are each main element separated from the main layout.
Each one shows a target audience with one of Cayan's towers with it's own dramatic scene.
©Grey Mena| Riyadh
Project done during employment a
t Grey Riyadh

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